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22 april 2021

Hello my name is Jacques van Velzen from the Netherlands and I am a recent amputee!

At the age of 47, a year ago now, I lost my left leg from the knee down after a series of failed surgeries!
Part of my rehabilitation process was using a hand driven bicycle.
I found that this practice was a huge physical, emotional and mental motivator for me and it boosted my recovery immensely.

Because the government has put a brake on providing ‘sports’ facilities for people like me, it meant the end of any access I had to this form of training.

I reached out to a private organization called Unique Sports and they have awarded me with a partial donation toward subsidizing my own personal Hand Bike!

My biggest desire as a single father of 4 beautiful daughters, is to ride with them again.
(You may know that the Dutch all have bikes!)
I want to take my girls to the beach!
I want to be independent!

To reach my desired goal there is a small portion missing to finance this.
Would you be able to help me collect the last part by means of a donation?

Forever grateful,

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